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Our services 

 Buy in China and in Asia - The whole process from A to Z 

Below is schematized the whole purchasing process in Asia: from the client needs till its product manufacturing.  
You will find thereafter the different solutions and services we can establish in order to help you in your purchasing operations in China and in Asia.

Better worth a simple scheme than a long speech, hence you will find below the "location" of every of our services. As well services to assist and help you at different stages of your production and also our Buyinf Office Service managing everything in China or in Asia for you if you prefer to focus on your local core business.

Feel free to click on the scheme area to discover our services in details.  

 Summary Scheme 


  Whether you wish to manage your orders yourself directly with your factory or delegate to us the whole buying process, Advanced Asia Sourcing provide solutions allowing you to buy safer in China and in Asia.