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Initial Production Check (China, India, Bangladesh)

Other name given to this service  

- Initial Production Inspection
- Initial Production Supervision
- Pre-Production Inspection
- Pre-Production Supervision

In which case to us this solution ?

If your order has already been placed and the production is about to start
If you want to check that raw materials are the well expected one
If you have a doubt about your golden sample sent by your vendor
If you want to be sure that your recommandations are well understood
If you want to check that your supplier is ready on time
If you want that your supplier know that you are keeping an eyes on him

Then we highly recommend to use this service
What we check for you ?

Raw materials used to start the mass production of your goods
Your instructions and requirements are well understood by your supplier
Your production is starting on time
Tools and process that will be used to manufacture your goods
Packaging is conformed to your specifications
If available at the time of the checking: the first article manufactured

The easiest way to ensure that your goods are manufactured properly
This service will help you to:

Get sure that your supplier will follow your requirement
Take corrective actions before the beggining of the production
Keep eyes and pressure on your supplier
Show to your client and to your vendor you are a serious buyer
Keep control on your supplier
Save time and money before it is too late

This is a a real security for your production