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Our company: A professional buying agency in China


Every company genosys comes with a special reason or event !

Advanced Asia Sourcing one came from its management team wish to deeply facilitate and fluidify imports operation for overseas western buyers !

Advanced Asia Sourcing (also called AAS) is a 100 % western owned and managed sourcing agency in China. Structured as a local China buying office specialized in purchasing operation, our company act as your relay in China to secure and facilitate your import.

Our core services include but are not limited to the following:

- Sourcing services in China and more generally in Asia
- Buying office in China

As part of our buying process, we also perform the following services:
- Supplier assesment and factory audit
Production check and quality control

Our purpose is to provide western buyers with a wide range of solutions to make more reliable their operations in China and in Asia. Advanced Asia Sourcing can act on consultant basis for occasional operation such as sourcing or on a full package base such as an outsourced buying office.

For those clients who decide to manage orders by themselves, we usually act as consultant and advisor at different stages of their purchasing process by steping in their procurement workflow.
Consulting mission outputs generally take the form of report including raw, fresh and true information collected on the ground after a sourcing faisability study or an inspection was conducted.

 You just have to include us in your workflow as a dedicated part of your supply chain to obtain an effcient and comprehensive reporting on your operations in China.

For those buyers who need more than just consultancy, we usually support their procurement operation and their supply chain by acting as their outsourced sourcing or buying office in China. In this case, our team get fully involved in the purchasing workflow of our customers.

Our solutions

A wide range of solutions allowing you to make your operations in China and in Asia safer !

In order to help our customers at maximum, we offer a range of solutions including:

Sourcing Services in China and in Asia
- China Sourcing Services (Comodities products)
- China Sourcing Services (Technical and Industrial products)
Factory Assessment in China and in Asia
- China Factory Assessment (China Supplier Evaluation)
- China Factory Audit  (China ISO 9001 Factory Audit)
Production Check in China and in Asia
- Initial Production Check in China and in Asia (IPC)
- During Production Check in China and in Asia (DPC)
- Pre-Shipment Check in China and in Asia (PSC)
- Container Loading Check in China and in Asia (CLC)
Buying Office Services in China and in Asia
- Buying Office Service (BOS)
- Order Fulfillment Services (OFS)
Our company location

Our main asset: the combination of our presence and our expertise on the asian field !

Advanced Asia Sourcing (AAS) is a western owned and managed company hedquartered in Hong Kong having strategically located facilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Advanced Asia Sourcing (AAS) has been created in order to meet the need of importers by providing them specialized, dedicated and efficient import solutions such.

Our strategic location allows us:

To be close to the biggest asian trade hub (airport, sea port) which is Hong Kong. It makes it easy to meet customers (no visa is needed to stay in Hong Kong), but also to attend tradeshow to perform sourcing, and to move quickly in other asian countries in case of overseas sourcing.
To cover the main two industrial and production area for consummer goods aiming export which are mainly provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian.
It especially allow us to be located nearby of chinese suppliers, being on the field very quickly to react and to manage your production directly in the factory.
To be located on the proximity of the two biggest and busiest port of China:
- Shanghai port: It serves the Yangtze economically developed hinterland of Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Henan provinces
- Shenzhen port: it servers the pearl river delta economic area
Our team

A team build around professionalism, experience and multiculture !

Our operations and management team is multicultural. We all speak english. Our managers speak also French and our supervisors speak Chinese. This diversity allow us to insure that your requirement is understood and respected by chinese supplier.

All our ressources have many years of experiance and have worked in the past either as: sourcing people or buyer, engineer or project manager, inspector or auditor. Our core management team comes from engineering background.

Our multiculturalism allows us to provide to our customers with professionalism and western methodology combined to sensibility and well understanding of the chinese field. Having chinese ressource within western roof representating overseas buyers allow also to get chinese ally to defend your case when things get wrong with chinese suppliers.

The combination of those 3 ingredients enable to provide optimized import services involving: knowledge of customs and chinese culture + understanding of western needs and requirements = successful import from China