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China Sourcing Services (Comodities items)

Others names given to this service

Sourcing in China whose the goal is finnaly to find a supplier in China able to meet your requirement may, depending on people, also be named:

- Supplier research in China
- Sourcing in China
- Supplier finding in China
- Factory research in China

In which case to choose this solution ?

If you want to outsource your production in China and increase your margin
If you want to find the right supplier in China or in Asia
If you want to find a real factory and not working only with a trading company
If you are ready to manage with next step (negotiation, place order)
If you want to visit the factory when you come in China
If you want to keep full control on your production

Then we highly recommend to use this service

What we manage in China for you ?

Translation of your documents to be well understood in China
Search differents supplier specialised in your product field
Operate Request For Quotation (RFQ)
Shortlist 3 potential suppliers (not trading) reaching your requirement
1 Factory assessment on one of the shortlisted supplier

A simple package allowing you to start your operations in China

How does China Sourcing computes the sourcing fees ?

Like a lot of sourcing company, we could consider that every project is different and that sourcing fees might be variable. We don't take this approach, because for us pricing is not establish according to the client wallet.

However, we consider the simple sourcing can get some option: more shortlisted suppliers, more factory assessed, more target price optimized:

Quotation & Pricing
Advantages & Benefits

This pricing includes:
- Translation of your documents
- Supplier research & identiication
- Request for quotation

- Travel expenses
- Salary of the sourcing employees
- Salary of the consultant
- Administrative protocol and report issuance
- Coordination and preparation of your assessment

You save time, money and energy
You manage your order with your factory
You don't need to fly to China to search a supplier
You can decide to add some option or not
You can complete your order with our production check

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Sourcing in China and in Asia