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Our principles

Our customers at the highest concern befor anything else

Having principles and following them strictly are the key of long term steady and growing business.

In China, more than anywhere else, it is important to have prnciple to be able to grow. On this base, Advanced Asia Sourcing follow the below comitement in order to sustain its steady growth:

Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our first priority: because customer satsifaction bring long term business and steadiness, our success depend directly on it. Hence, client satisfaction is our priority. Our satisfaction having satisfy our customer is our also our personnal satisfaction.

Independance: Neither client, vendor, supplier, or factory are involved in our capital. Hence, we are not influenced in any case in choices we operate independently to choose suppliers or factory we work with. We work for our customers and only for our customers. Comissions usually proposed by suppliers are not welcomed at all in our company.

Respect: We strive to achieve our goal in total respect and agreement with customers and suppliers we work with. In no case we take action without explicite agreement of them.

Honesty: As it might be the most difficult things to find in China, we work with honesty and transparency with our customers. As they pay for service, this is in their full right to have access any data, information, etc..

Intelligence: As educated and skilled people we know the importance to use common sense to come out with working and efficient solutions fiting with our client requirement and suppliers capability. Self ready made copy paste solution are usually not in our way to work.

Self-criticism: As a supporter of lean manufacturing mindset, we know there is no continuous improvement without operating a self-criticsm on ourselves and on your action .
Hence,  there is no stupid questions. Questioning, wondering, discovering are source of learning and improving ourself continuously.
We forbid ignorance and doubt. Questioning, finding out, geting advice is also a way to limit risks of failure on the operations we manage. .

Confidentiality: Acting as professional people, we are aware that informations provided by our customers may be a key stone of their strategy and business development. Hence, we commit with non disclosure for information.

Anticipation: As one of the worse scourge in China manufacturing, we continuously invest in training our ressources to develop their anticipation skills of already expected problem.

Longevity: As short term view is also one of the characteristics of asian mindset,our is totally the opposite. We prefer 100 USD in month than 10 USD today.