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Our history: A sourcing agency in China

Everything started with a observation: "made in China" syndrom

When we were living out of China, we were really tired to always hear negative discussion about the fact that everything coming from China was of course cheap but got always poor quality, was dangerous, and the delivery time was always delayed. In the mind of 90% of western people, the tag "Made in China" is considered as extremely negative.

Actually, most of people are not really aware that 90 % of the goods consumed daily by western countries are coming directly from China. Sometimes, even when they believe buying fresh foods from their own country they don't even know they are eating Chinese vegetables, chocolate or cakes. It is a matter of fact, globalization is a real phenomena and we can't go against it! Hence, it is better to follow it and to seize opportunities !

Here is a true story: Once, I was interviewed for a job in a very famous international retailer having a branch specialized in sourcing in China. This company is very famous, own a lot of supermarket and I am quite sure that you reader, have already bought in one of their shop. I learnt during the interview that even some fresh food such as asparagus was exported from China to finish in our western plates.

Why do the famous brands buy in China? You know already the answer: it is because everything is cheaper in China: labor cost, raw materials, infrastructure, equipment, social protection, taxes, housing, transportation… Hence, they are able to make substantial profit, allowing them to become these famous brands.

China culture: a totally different way to think and to act

So, everything is fine and easy in China, right? Actually not, one of the biggest and main difficulties in China is the difference of culture which appears between western and eastern countries. It makes this attractive and low-cost country quite complex. Operations become challenging, because when you are western educated people, you are used to your habits and language, educational system, western logical mind and well organized corporate environment.

For your information, a small minority of Chinese people (10 % of the population) speak really a proper English language. Most of the time they speak what we call here “Chinglish”. It is a mix of English and Chinese language.

Usually, when you ask a question to Chinese people (like for example if they understood a requirement you told them before), they will most of the time answer with an optimistic “Yes” even if they understood nothing. Their purpose is not to cheat you, it is just because they will not dare to tell you "No". Because here in China, we prefer to go on concensus than on the clash. The culture is definitiely different from western countries.

In China, it is quite complicated to deal with these differences, because for you, everything seems weird: Chinese customs and relationship, appreciations of quality for goods, time delivery notion, corporate management, terms and conditions negotiations, and contract establishment. All these elements which are crucial in the western business field have to be considered with a different way in China.

Every company starts with reasons: ours are to assist and help you !

That is the reason why we decided to create Advanced Asia Sourcing: to help, assist and support western buyers to manage their sourcing operations in China and orders in Asia. We wanted to provide a real assistance to our customer by representing their interests in China.

Thanks to our presence and experience, we know that increase significantly margin by doing cost killing, using Chinese import and outsourced production is truly feasible. Risks taken can be limited if you take some precautions: search and qualify your asian suppliers and sub-suppliers, negotiate properly and strategically your terms and conditions with your factory, transmit and translate efficiently your specification, ensure that your requirement has been well understood by the factory you work with, manage your outsourced order during the production, control the quality of your finished product before shipment.

Being on the Chinese field is a real asset allowing us to assist our customers with honesty, objectivity, and professinalism.