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China Container Order Fulfillment, Consolidation, Dispatching

Other name given to this service :

- Consolidation
- Container consolidation
- Order fulfillment

In which case to use this solution ?

If after having contacted or met different suppliers in China you would like to collect a couple of samples from them, but you don't want to pay individual courrier fees for every parcel sent by each of them.  
If you need a place to stock temporarily your samples before sending them to your country

Then we highly recommend to use this service
What we do for you?

We collect your samples in our warehouse or office
We repackage them in a single packet before shipment
We check quickly your samples before shipment (if some are broken we will let you know)

The easiest way to decrease the price of sending samples
Why is it usefull ?

Companies like DHL, Fedex, UPS or EMS charge according to the following scheme:
Total cost = Basis fees (whatever how many kilos you send) + weight fees/kgs

So now, let's work with an example:
Here is the traditionnal way you use:
You want to collect 15 samples of 1kg each from 15 differents suppliers via DHL and you are located in Europe.
If every suppliers send to you individually its own sample then it would cost:
15 x (basic fee + weight fee)

If you use our Order Fulfillment Service:
Every chinese suppliers send its sample to our office (since destination is in China usually they don't charge it), we collect your sample and repackage them and send them via DHL. Hence you pay the basic fees only once.

We are also able to do container consolidation:
We store in our warehouse your ordered goods coming from different supplier till the day of filling a full container. Hence, you can fill a full container and pay the FCL price instead of paying separately LCL price.


Pricing & Option Advantages & Benefits

This pricing includes:
- Operation and management fees
- Storage of your products for 2 weeks
- Repackaging of your product before shipment

You save money on your samples shipment
Your suppliers know you have a partner based in China

Pricing Contact us - Shipment fees (in and out of China) remain to the client charge