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Simple Factory Assesment (China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan)

In which case to choose this option ? 

If you are already in touch with your potential supplier in China or Asia
If you are about to pass an order after having source a factory in China
If you want to check thar your targeted supplier is a real factory
If you want to assess your future factory in China or in Asia
If you want to get more information about your future partner
If you want to check the official documents of your vendor

Then we highly recommend to use this service
What we check for you

Factory details: contacts, real location, shareholders origin, starting date,..
Infrastructure: building, equipment, prodution line, machine, IT,...
Workforce: employees, skills, management system,...
Production: capacity, other product manufactured,...
Track record: clients, main market,...
Official documents: export licence, norms licence,...

The easiest way to know more about your potential partner
This service will help you to:

Have a real opinion of your vendor in China
Shortlist your targeted vendor and/or factory in Asia
Take the right decision to choose your supplier
Know if your supplier is compliant with norms and standards
Show to your client and to your vendor you are a serious buyer
Avoid to deal with a middleman

This is a a real security for your business
Pricing & Option Advantages & Benefits
This pricing include:
- Travel expenses
- Salary of the consultant
- Administrative protocol and report issuance
- Coordination and preparation of your audit
- Western inspector: Euros 228/258 (week end/week)
You can check that you are dealing with a real factory
You can have a first taste of your targeted supplier
You can establish a shortlisting of your sourced suppliers
You obtain a real not involved opinion
Local consultant: €188 Anywhere in China within 48H
Western consultant: €228*