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Buying Office definition

A "buying office" or also called "buying house" is usually a representative office or business unit of a more generally considered overseas company located overseas face to the area where goods are manufactured.

Buying office function is exclusively to realize procurement on behalf of another company. On this base main duties of buying office is to manage and control the outsourced or subcontracted production of goods.

Advanced Asia Sourcing take the form of buying office in China for their customer located overseas by reporting with regular communication about the running production of order placed to chinese suppliers.


Buying Office advantage

Main advantages of working with an outsourced China buying office is to have flexibility and limited investment while having possibility to sensibly diminish risk related to chinese production.

Having a buying office in China allows to have a better proximity with local suppliers and direct access to their production area to be able to control anything required: quality, schedule, intellectual property, etc...

A buying office usually employ local people or billingual people able to communicate smoothly with supplier. On this base, communication is make much more easy and problem (as there are always problem) can be solved in more efficiently way than if they are dealt from overseas.


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