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China Buying Office Service: Dedicated Buying Agent in China

This service for who and in which case ?

Most of our customers applying for this service are typically companies or entrepreneurs in business growing phase willing to delegate their chinese purchasing operation to an experienced trusty western managed team locally established and capable to help them to support and handle hassle related to chinese purchasing in a honest and transparent way.

Most of our overseas clients for this service have already experienced difficulties in the past while purchasing in China and come back to us after bad experience while trying to deal stuff by themselves on a first approach:

- disappointement about product quality
- communication difficulties while negotiating rebate or price
- endless dispute or arguing with suppliers on blocking situation with a fail result
- receiving wrong goods
- victim of scamms
- loss of money / investment after diasgreement with supplier

Our buying office service allows them to reduce their office overheads and to get better result in the end as sourcing is performed by chinese ressource on chinese channel and negotiation from chinese to chinese is much more efficient than from foreigner to chinese. In short, we become their outsourced chinese based purchasing department working for their benefit by defending their interest and their brands.

Some of our customers for this service are also requiring high volume of sourcing operation for small orders (for e.g diversify their product catalog) and different kind of items involving to constantly rediscover new suppliers and manage several projects or production in the same time which may not be so easy when no experience.

So, in brief:

If you have no experience on the chinese field or in sourcing in china
If you are not experienced in import from China
If you know nothing in chinese rules, manner and tradition and don't have time to learn
If you don't want to be cheated or get undecided increasing of your price
If you prefer to focus on your core business and increase your margin by developping your sales
If you have no experience in quality control in china or in asia
If you simply don't have time to manage the procurement part

Then we highly recommend to use this service
We manage everything in China for our client from A to Z

Sourcing (translation of your specifications, supplier reasearch, benchmarking, shortlisting, sample review)
Factory assesment (equipments, capability, production capacity, certification, personnal feeling)
Negotiation (price, terms and conditions)
Quality control (production check, defects sorting, quality issue resolution)
Shipment (forwarder coordination, custom documents)

The best solution to get supplied while delegating to us all your problems
How it work

We usually charge a retainer fees and/or a fix margin on the total amount of your PO. This margin and/or this retainer fees depends on the total value and volume of the order and allow us to covers our sourcing expenses due to your request.

The easisest way to import from China


While on a first view it can be tempting to do everything by yourself to save cost on your product price, you will finally realized that managing chinese vendor is not as easy as it could be and, it would finally cost you even more than using an outsourced buying office locally established like Advanced Asia Sourcing to help and support your procurement operation.

Some of our customer have previously tried to manage order by themselves from overseas and usually come to the conclusion that they didn't save so much, got a lot of stress, faced hassle and finally lost a lot of time (and sometimes money) which in the end cost them finally more than using services of local experienced purchasing team already established on the ground and knowing how to deal with problem, communication issue and even more : legal, VAT, operationnal intellectual protection, good practice for sourcing and project management, existing infrastructure (office, warehouse) and equipment, logistics, etc...

Out of this, being far away and not locally established, the suppliers (once getting client deposit of course) usually enjoy the power to have money in hand whereas the cutomer is far away bringing to some situation where suppliers afford themselvs to operate in manner they would not do with a local established and registered entity capable to come almost any time in their place for "deeper" explanation.

Some of our other customer had in mind to set up their own buying office and buying team, but they quickly found out that they would need to go trough complicated chinese government administration process to be legal, capital injection to set up their structure, long process to hire employees who would finally leave just after they get trained, would need to pay uncontrollable taxes on all their expenses (representative office), etc...

In the end, our china buying office service helps our customer to sleep better as we handle hassle, issue and headache for them.